Jessica Ma

Journalist. Poet. Hopefully, city-bound.

Honors and Awards

– Region 1 Mark of Excellence: Best All-Around Radio Newscast from Society of Professional Journalists for October 6, 2016 broadcast of Newsline (WRHU)
– 2nd Place for Student News Radio newscast at Broadcast Education Association Festival of Media Arts

Honorable Mention in Academy of American Poets College Poetry Competition

– Published in LIPS Magazine (“Really, it’s okay.”)
– Honorable Mention in Fiction in Rider University High School Writing Contest (“Letter to My Uncle Who Died Two Years Ago”)
– Honorable Mention in Poetry in Bergen County High School Writing Contest (“After the Zombie Apocalypse Began”)
– Honorable Mention for Opinion Writing from Garden State Scholastic Press Association (“Let’s Just Talk About Sex Ed”)

Published in LIPS Magazine (“Not-Yet-Dead Girl Walking”)

Honorable Mention in Nancy Thorp Poetry Contest



Any Thoughts?

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